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Home Service

We come to your home to maintain your Sewing Machine at your convenience. This service takes about 60 to 90 minutes.


Pickup Service Only

We will pick up your Sewing Machine, bring it to the shop, Maintain your Machine and await for your pick up.

Drop Off and Pick Up Service

To have your Sewing Machine Dropped off and Picked up by you at the shop by appointment.


Sewing Machine Cleaning Service that comes to you.
No need to lug your sewing machine around to get a price on how much it's going to cost to keep your sewing machine clean and usable.
Prices for Home Servicing is above this page.
We come to you to maintain your sewing machine it's as simple as that. We Clean, grease, oil and tune your sewing machine in your home.
We can also do pick ups and drop offs at your convenience in the areas of Paradise CA and Magalia CA.
To Book an appointment
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We also teach How to Maintain Your Sewing Machine.