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We understand how most people feel about the Corona Virus and we have taken steps into making sure every ones health is important to us in keep everything sanitized and cleaned at all times.

As a result of the Covid-19 and stay at home orders, we have been busy making masks, if you are interested in buying any masks we have then available
surgical style mask with 2 layers of cotton fabric.

You can email us at for more info

We are asking for appointments ONLY.

Thank you

Due to the Campfire in Paradise CA  we have been fortunate
enough to have our home and business survive the
devastation. We continue our effort to rebuild our town with many businesses returning and re-opening.

The Paradise Chambers of commerce has the following directory


Please share and follow us as we rebuild and bring back The Town of Paradise CA

We want to thank every one  for supporting this small business.

We also Offer

In Home Service

This Service is for persons who are not able to travel due to medical disabilities. Only in Paradise and Magalia

We travel to and from the home where we will assist you in what you need altered, hemmed or work required to your garments, we then take back to the shop and drop off to you at a convenient time or when the job is done. Appointments are required for this service

Surround yourself with a natural home setting, yes this is a home base business located in a small town called Paradise CA, we are approximately 90 miles North of Sacramento. Enjoy the comforts of feeling like your at home, craftysewing has been serving the Paradise, Chico and Magalia residence since 2012.

Susan Simms (aka) Craftysewingsue  has over 35+ years of experience in the Textile and Fashion Industry as well as alterations in the Bridal, Lingerie, Swim Wear and Under Garment Industries.

All alterations, mending, repair, custom clothing, textile design, pattern creating, re-style, re-size, sewing lesson (private or group), costumes, prom alterations, wedding dress alterations, bridesmaid dress alterations,zipper replacement, seam repair, patches, button holes, buttons, vintage clothing repairs and sewing machine cleaning are available on site.

Civil War Re-Enactments and Pre-19th Century attire are required to give at least two months notice as there are other jobs and projects and in order to get your items created and made in time for your events.

We also make cushion covers, pillow covers for outdoor and indoor furniture, customer supplies all the fabrics, notions, zippers and piping and we do all the rest.

Fashion industries change from year to year and some time you may have that old favorite from years ago that you can not part with, this is where a seamstress can help and re-create your wardrobe.
Also those old worn out T-shirts, you don't need to throw them out, seamstress' can re-purpose those T-shirts into Memory Blankets or Memory Pillows.

Craftysewingsue also volunteers her time in the not so busy days to make Sleeping Angel Dresses, these little garments are made from Wedding dresses that have been donated by persons in the community of Paradise and Magalia. For more information please  contact us.